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If you’ve noticed recently that Google Chrome has branded your website Not Secure in the address bar then fear not, you’re most certainty not alone.  However, getting this resolved should be considered a matter of urgency as this message will at very least be off-putting to your visitors, at worst you could be losing sales or leads.

It’s worth noting at this time the only web browser doing this is Google Chrome, quite specifically from version 68 onwards which released on 24th July 2018.  According to Statista, in July 2018, Google Chrome had a 47.19% share of internet users, whilst Safari came in at 30.06%, IE, 5.51% and Firefox 5.24%.

With the vast majority of visitors using Google Chrome, it’s hugely important to ensure you have a valid SSL certificate which will ensure you don’t receive the dreaded  website Not Secure warning!

SSL Not Secure

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Website Not Secure

How Can We Help?

With over 15 Years web development experience, the SEO Agency Essex team are well placed to help install an SSL certificate for your web site that will secure your web site and make a closed padlock appear in place of the dreaded website Not Secure message.

We’ll alleviate the stress of SSL completely and you can rely on us to install an SSL certificate for you.

With SSL certificates having a period of validity it’s important to ensure the certificate does not expire, thus leaving you unprotected again. We can look after the renewals and validity of your SSL certificate to ensure your web site is complying with ever evolving policies.

Website Not Secure


It is vital that your website is secure and legitimate in the eyes of search engines for it to be found and ranked accordingly. For your website to work and rank highly on any Search Engine Result Page (SERP), it must abide to the security settings administered by a search engine provider.

The most recent version of this is known as HTTPS. In short, HTTPS is specifically designed to ensure security for users. In both the long and short-term this change will no doubt improve your website ranking and overall SEO. Alongside an SSL certificate, any website found through a search engine will be given extra protection and legitimacy.

SSL & SEORanking Factor

If your SEO ranking is important or you want to stop Google Ads from prompting you about updating your Final URLs then ensuring your have a valid SSL certificate is vital.  Website Not Secure messages in the address bar are far from ideal for any website owner – call today to discuss how we can help install an SSL certificate that will eradicate the website Not Secure message.

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