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Great, you’re in the right place! SEO Agency Essex have a proven track record of getting to page 1 of Google and BING search engine result pages. Don’t just take our word for it, ask us for examples of web sites we’re actively working on that are ranking on page 1.  We’ve helped many companies in Essex and beyond achieve their ambition of being on page 1 using nothing but sustainable above-board SEO techniques.

SEO Consultants

Our team of local SEO consultants will craft your way to the top using our proven SEO process.

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Content And
On-Site Optimisation

Achieve peak performance with high quality content and a fully optimised web site.

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Keyword Research
And Planning

We'll help you strategically choose the keywords and then make a comprehensive SEO plan.

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Link Building And
Off-Site Optimisation

Increase the popularity of your web site with links from highly respected sources.

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Check your Website’s SEO

SEO Agency Essex will analyse your web site and contact
you within a few hours to discuss your requirements.
We’ll look into everything technical that goes on behind
the scenes and uncover potential improvements.

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    What else do we offer?

    SEO Agency Essex are more than just SEO!  We’re a full service digital marketing agency offering small and medium size businesses a full range of services that help boost the performance of their web presence.

    In a world where people are using common phrases like Google It! – it’s imperative to have a web site that can be found.  This is where SEO Agency Essex can help.

    We offer SEO to organically rank your web site on the 1st page of Google.  We take your brief, research the keywords you’re interested in and advise whether these keywords hold the potential to drive traffic to your web site. SEO is very much seen as the sustainable approach to getting to page 1 of search results. However, there are other means to be aware of.

    As a Google Partner, SEO Agency Essex manage over 70 paid search accounts for our clients.  Google AdWords can be a fantastic advertising platform for driving new sales, leads and enquiries.  However, if managed poorly AdWords can be a serious money burning machine, but managed and optimised in the right way, it can also be a very lucrative form of advertising that many businesses start to rely on.  AdWords has a secondary benefit to SEO that is often overlooked.  Because you can measure goals using AdWords means it’s a fantastic research tool to identify which keywords people use to buy or make enquiries with you.  This information is like gold dust for SEO and SEO Agency Essex can then use this information to organically rank those keywords on page 1 of Google!

    Get Your Business on Page 1 of Google

    Through tried and tested processes, SEO Agency Essex have a proven record of getting our clients on page 1 of Google.

    This is achieved by analysing your web site, recommending & carrying out improvements. We have in-house copywriters, web developers and SEO agency experts who collaborate to produce page 1 rankings.

    Why choose SEO Agency Essex?

    We firmly believe that delivering on our promises is key to the success of SEO Agency Essex. In such a saturated market, we think it’s vitally important to work with an SEO agency that can back up their claims with real 1st page results. Additionally to our SEO offering we have over 12 years of experience managing AdWords & BING Ads, consistently delivering results for an ever expanding client base.

    SEO Agency Essex

    Reduce AdWords
    Spend with SEO.

    If you’re looking to introduce a sustainable alternative to AdWords pay per click then SEO Agency Essex can help. We are experts at helping small and medium sized business achieve 1st page Google rankings. As a result of this our clients have been able to reduce their monthly spend with Google AdWords whilst increasing the levels of leads and sales through effective SEO.

    SEO Agency in Chelmsford, Essex.

    As the name suggests, we’re an SEO agency in Essex!  All of the SEO
    work that we carry out happens at our offices in Chelmsford.
    This means that when outsourcing your SEO project you can be assured
    that it’s a local company and not outsourced to any faraway places!

    Free SEO Review

    We start every project with a free SEO review & consultation.  We will be able to identify any improvements that can be made prior to producing a detailed plan.

      Free SEO Review

      Produce a detailed plan

      Free telephone or face-to-face consultation

      Fair pricing



    With your goals in mind we offer a refreshing approach to SEO. This starts with a Free SEO Review


    Once we have completed a free SEO review we will produce a detailed plan of action.


    On-site optimisation refers to all aspects of your web site that we can control. We can optimise your web site to give you the best chance of ranking on page 1 of Google.


    Through trusted white-hat techniques we will build high quality backlinks to your web site and inner landing pages.


    We continuously monitor position for the keywords we're optimising and offer regular reports to keep in touch of progress.